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Oatar R/C Sport Center

Oatar R/C Sport Centersubmitted task by the innovation.

Qatar R/C Sports Center aims to: Raising the cultural, skill and awareness level of youth and empowering them through introducing them to R/C sport and its applications. Opening the way for the participation of people with special needs, unleashing their capabilities, and involving them at a rate of no less than 5% of the activity. Working to develop Rules regulating the practice of R/C flying with the state's Authorities and coordinating with them, in a manner that lachieves the highest Safety Rate for the Qatari airspace. Opening the way for women to practice hobby safely and responsibly and respect local privacy and culture.

Our Mission

We aim to develop R/C Sports in Qatar to a professional standard, encouraging Qatari youth participation to promote Qatar reputation in R/C field internationally, Raising awareness of security and privacy concerns, and best practices

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Our Vision

Developing sharpening Qatari youth skills, dedicating and enhancing all Qatari identity elements, by developing the hobby to serve both modern and traditional heritage


Sheikh / Mohammed bin Fahd Al Thani


Amir Al Haddad

Events Manager

Phoebe Aria

Chief Designer

Erik Genie

Chief Designer

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Industry Experiences

Training programs:

The Radio Aircraft Training Center offers a wide range of specialized training programs covering different aspects of the radio aviation industry. Among the programs offered:

common questions:

The center provides comprehensive training on the use and operation of wireless aircraft and drones. The course covers everything from basic controls to advanced maneuvers, as well as instruction on the latest modern technologies in the field.

The Wireless R/C Sports Center is a state-of-art facility equipped with the latest technology, where students can practice and refine their skills in the operation of wireless aircraft and drones, in a controlled and safe environment.

The training focuses on the latest innovations in the field of wireless aircraft and drones. This includes studying advancements in GPS technology, imaging and sensor tech, collision detection, automatic pilot systems, remotely piloted systems, and more.

After completion of the training, students must pass a comprehensive exam that tests their skills, knowledge, and readiness to operate R/C aircraft and drones safely. Upon successful examination, the State of Qatar then grants an official license to the applicant.

Obtaining an official license from the State of Qatar allows for the legal operation of R/C aircraft and drones. It also signifies that the individual is skilled and knowledgeable in this field, enhancing credibility and potentially opening up further career or hobby opportunities.

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