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Fly location

Fly location

Qatar R/C Sport Center Airfield, Exit 54, north road, Doha

One of the largest R/C airfield in the world

The competition will be held at the QRCSC airfield, which is located 55 KM to the north of Doha Location: Longitude 25°45'54.7"N (25.765196), Latitude 51°22'52.3"E (51.381181) On google maps: Q98J+39 Simsimah QRCSC airfield is a Model Aircraft only airfield, 850 meters runway 24 meters wide, 1 square KM, with permanent clearance up to 1000 Ft altitude from the civil aviation authority The winds in Qatar are mostly northern and southern, so take-off will be crosswind with landings coming from north or south.

An airport equipped with the latest technology

The take-off and landing area is on asphalt and artificial grass landing area for E-Racers. The pilot racing area is artficial grass

Longitude 25°45'54.7"N (25.765196), Latitude 51°22'52.3"E (51.381181)

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